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"Stars" this word always amuses us right? Yes! Everybody want to be a "Star" wherever we are, and that is the thing which most of us cling on to it in the life and all our acts is an expression of that to reach the sky limit and glitter. We will do anything to become a star either in family, society or in work place. In brief, becoming a "Star" means to influence others in some way or other or create an impact with our presence right? See the celebrities, which we normally named them as stars. They had all influenced us in some way or other. That is why we feel they still glitter. Isn't it?

Now come back to the universe, there are so many stars and planets which are getting unnoticed but we should understand really there are 27 "Stars" and 9 "Planets" which creates an impact in our whole life. They themselves doesn't need to show off but it will make us aware with their presence in our daily life then we know who & what is the real "Star". It is a fact, which we need to agree in some stage if we can little rewind our own life.

From the moment of birth our each movement in life is linked up with this whole concept which many of us are not aware.

The ups and down in life during this period had shaken me many times and had turned me to look inside deeply to think "Why something, sometimes, some way" comes in an unpredictable manner even though we felt that we are in control of the situations. Questions & doubts were accumulating day by day but didn't get any satisfactory solutions till I get closely associated with my uncle Shri.PP Sivaramakrishna Kaimal he was a Retd.Headmaster and a well renowned astrologer at Kumbalam, Kochi, whom we address normally him as "Vellichan".

Once I met him I remember that I was so curious to know about the future and as always since I remember that his predictions and intuitions always work very well from the beginning. Slowly, I was attracted to the ocean of Astrology at that time itself, but never known that one day I will become a sailor in this sea of knowledge. Still I was in a mood of knowing and playing with the future by frequently asking him about the outcome of events in life. Later on, my decisions had been taken based on the astrological consultation with him always.

With all these wonders in my mind I realized to become a "Star" among the crowd is to learn about the real "Stars" & "Planets" over our head which impacts our daily life. This made me to think in a different direction and I started slowly getting in to books & reading astrology related verses and then books explaining about the planetary terms and stars. Then, slowly, I used to catch up time with my uncle who held my hands to step up further in this ocean of knowledge.

I thought to create a space herein the web to reach out to more peoples who are in real need and help them to become aware of the nature of the stars & other planets in our daily life which will helps those who want to stick on to our traditions and to make them deep rooted in our culture and traditions. I love to use this astrology in this modern age, with the olden ethics and the olden White Sea shells (Kavadi) by modern ways. All of you can use this portal absolutely free and feel free to ask your queries. Most probably I try to revert as much as I can, otherwise please be patient, definitely I will write to you.

Wish you all the best always.

See you all acquire the knowledge and become a star keeping sky as limit in everything.

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